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Volunteering at Phoenix Children's Hospital

Another magical day. Volunteering at toy land inside Phoenix children’s hospital! Members of our Phoenix Phil-Am Lions worked all day wrapping presents- guiding patients and families to select gifts for Christmas . For a lot of the families these donated presents were the only ones their children would see! The stories of hardship and love were amazing Soo many presents went upstairs to the newborn and neonatal patients !Thanks to all who donated the toys, blankets ,stuffed animals and to all those who worked hard wrapping the gifts and all the others who helped make this happen. Merry Christmas !!!!!! #oneworldonepeople

Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana beach! We spend the day touring Rio -a city rich in food fun beaches and beautiful people. The cable car ride up Sugarloaf Mt. was so gorgeous and of course shopping. Our guide Bruno was awesome and we picked the best day ever weather wise.

Salvador Bahia Brazil

Bahia receife yesterday sooo much to experience The colorful past influences of the Portuguese and the vast history of slave trading here has yielded music fun fun and lots of color!!!! Off to rio!!!!

Cabo Verde Island

Off the coast of west Africa experiencing the unique foods and culture of this former Portuguese colony and slave port.


We just crossed the equator after being at sea for 3 days in the Atlantic Ocean near the coastline of Brazil. King Neptune and his gang met us and I was forced to kiss the fish or forever be a pollywog! The band let me play drums as the king came down the stairs ! A very emotional and sacred event of all mariners:). Sooo Proud!!!


"One World               One People" ™

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