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One World, One People™

Thank you so much to all the doctors and nurses who volunteered to give sight to so many this week! Also thank you Carolina de Jesus founder of the carol eye center here in Gapan. She and her staff have been so graceful in feeding us and treating us well during this last portion of our Medical mission here in the Philippines. Thank you for providing much needed donated medical supplies. Together— clubs organizations, volunteers and ngo’s can make this world one again! One World, One People !!!!!

Successful Day Serving Others!

What an amazing day serving others! Hundreds of local poor came to get help food and love today! We screened all young and old for diabetes, blood pressure, vision screening and general health and wellness checkups. Our doctors, nurses from our Phoenix phil-am lions club as well as many doctors and nurses from the everlasting lions club of Baguio and 25 medical students from the St. Louis University medical campus here in Baguio worked tirelessly all day! With Jeannette Russell executive director of the AZ Vision and hearing foundation we gave 100’s of eye glasses out. Also we handed out 100’s of backpacks from Elizabeth Q Zapanta and jollibee came and fed so many children spaghetti. Off to

100's of Vision Screenings Already!

Yesterday and today were filled with so many memories beginning with a warm welcome by the mayor of Baguio to the finale of a private tour of the prestigious Philippine Military Academy- their West Point. In between we -Phoenix Phil-am Lions -working side by side with the local Baguio everlasting lions club-spent long days with hundreds of patients and children. We along with the AZ vision and hearing foundation did 100’s of vision screenings and fitted sooo many with eye and reading glasses. We also helped feed ,give free haircuts and free backpacks. Jollibee their Ronald McDonald showed up to excite and pass out food! Next two days are filled with many cataract surgeries in Gapan which we


"One World               One People" ™

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