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Meeting with the King

Today was our last day here in Nigeria; a day in which we were honored to meet the Ogoni King and the president of mosop—Mission to save the ogoni people. We met many government and trust officials who were so thankful that we came from so far away to help their beleaguered people’s medical is making a Long term impact around the world relieving suffering and saving lives!!!!! I am so proud to be a small part of efforts of so many!!! Thank you Douglas Jackson and Ruth Garcia Sanchez for your leadership in making a difference!

Nigerian Orphanage Visit

We finished assessing four government hospitals and it’s time to visit a local orphanage where we fell in love with all the beautiful faces and smiles. We brought a lot of children’s clothes from Phoenix which the kids and sisters greatly appreciated. Next, we were guests of honor at a Ogoni Village where 100”s of villagers eagerly greeted us with traditional music and dance. I was invited to dance and the chief gave me his ceremonial cane to use. They dressed me in formal Nigerian clothes which was tailored for me. Beautiful deserving people so grateful that is sending containers of much needed medical equipment to their hospitals.

Nigeria Assessment

An amazing day assessing 2 hospitals here in Nigeria . Beautiful loving people including a 2 hour newborn and a 100 yr old dying man in hospital conditions that lack much We at are here to deliver much needed donated medical equipment . Tomorrow 2 more hospitals! Then wed we are taking a lot of children’s clothing we brought with us to a large orphanage here that houses 100”s of orphans. Today we were also able to present donated eye glasses readers to the hospital eye center. These were donated by AZ lions vision and hearing foundation thank you Jeannette Russell.


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