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God Bless Gombe

Another amazing day inspecting the largest teaching hospital in Gombe, Nigeria a 550 bed full service institution.Tomorrow the last hospital for a total of 18 Travis and I inspected. The governor's protocol staff, the security staff from the Nigerian Police Force kept us safe and shadowed us everywhere we went. Thank u all!!!! God bless the doctors, nurses and hospitals staffs at each hospital for their devoted care of the patients. We will be sending much needed medical equipment and supplies !!!!! #ProjectCURE #Medical #Mission #CharlesIrion #Nigeria #Gombe

Greetings from Gombe, Nigeria

Wow! Another eye opening medical mission ! This trip is to hospitals and clinics in Gombe, Nigeria. The medical needs are many and the love and care for patients is overflowing from the dedicated staffs of each hospital I have been to so far. I have 5 more hospitals to inspect in the next few days including a very large teaching hospital The Nigerian national police staff guarding me and the Governors staff have been amazing! #ProjectCURE #CharlesIrion #Medical #Mission #Gombe #Nigeria

Planes, Planes and Planes

Wow! What a day touring our Air Force National Guard base at Sky Harbor Airport. A personal tour of the facilities and one of their refueling C130 aircraft used in today's combat missions all over the world. Then on the other side of the airport we were honored to tour American Airlines Maintenance Facility. Sooo cool! #TempeDiplomats #CharlesIrion #AirForce #NationalGuard #PhoenixSkyHarbor #C130 #AmericanAirlines

Terrific Time in Tanzania

The last 2 days here in Tanzania have been amazing! where on earth can you visit and dance with 36 Maasai rescued girls, inspect a new hospital with giraffes roaming the grounds and visit with a real Maasai home animals wife's and children all greeting you with loving open arms! We were truly blessed! #ProjectCURE #Tanzania #Maasai #Giraffe #Goat


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