Making the most of  his dash, Charles G. Irion was excited by the opportunity to be an Executive Producer and an Actor.  He’s enjoying every moment of his journey in the world of acting and producing, and is honored to have worked on the films below, and looks forward to many more in the future.  Are you making the most of your dash?  One World, One People ™


Jack Durant was a restaurateur, ladies man, and mysterious gentleman who maintained many connections to the mafia. From the backwoods of Tennessee to the world of Vegas at the time of Bugsy and finally as the owner of his famous steakhouse, Durant is a legend and dynamic character, at once charming, powerful and dangerous. This film tells his story during one day at his restaurant.  This film is based on the works of Mabel Leo and Terry Earp about the infamous Jack Durant.

Charles G. Irion is an Executive Producer of this film and has a small speaking part as a bar patron.

Starring: Tom Sizemore as Jack Durant, Michelle Stafford as Suzie, Peter Bogdanovich as George and Jon Gries as Dizzy Dean


Show No Mercy is a retro-arcade sci-fi action short film featuring Martin Kove and Jesse Kove! Are you ready players? SHOW NO MERCY! Written By Scott Conditt & Jeremy Tremp.


Charles G. Irion is an Executive Producer on this short sci-fi action film which debuted at the 2016 Phoenix Comicon. 

As the first Executive Producer to back this film, Charle’s friend and Director/vfx artist, Scott Conditt, inserted his likeness into the film as an “Easter Egg”! He’s an 8-bit “Mountain Man”!


Murder on Everest Trailer
Making of Murder on Everest

Murder and mystery are taken to new heights as crimes of betrayal and passion unfold atop the worlds highest mountain in the new film MURDER ON EVEREST. Renowned for the hundreds of lives it has claimed, Everest becomes a chilling crime scene when Derek Sodoc, son the world’s richest and most powerful man, dies attempting to reach the summit. Was he another victim who merely succumbed to the treacherous altitude…or perhaps something more sinister? The feature film based on the epic award winning novel “Murder on Everest”  by Charles G. Irion is currently in development and coming soon! 

Scott Devlon played by Kevin Cherilla – Kevin Cherilla is best known as a prominent businessman, an international mountain guide, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. In 2004, Kevin started KC Summits, LLC, an adventure organization that engages all individuals in challenging themselves while reaching their goals around the world. Many of his clients have individual disabilities such as blindness, paralysis, and muscular dystrophy.  Kevin has led expeditions on six continents and over 20 countries. His teams have been featured on the front cover of TIME, Outside, Climbing and Weekly Reader magazines and on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Jay Leno, and many world news programs including CNN. He served as base camp manager for the National Federation of the Blind 2001 Everest Expedition in which Erik Weihenmayer became the first and only blind person to summit Mt. Everest. Six years later, on June 5, 2007, Kevin fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams and personally reached the summit of Everest. Kevin is a prominent speaker and has addressed hundreds of international corporations, foundations, universities, and schools. His presentations include breathtaking expedition photos and award-winning video footage of overcoming challenges, building motivation, and reaching individual and team goals.


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Scott Devlon and other characters from the Summit Murder Mystery series will return in the new book.  The story line will include aliens, artificial intelligence, the history of Machu Picchu, sex, and of course, murder.  Headed to Peru for a writing research trip along with Scott Conditt, CEO/Director of Wildfire Studios, LLC, the trip is sure to help bring the story to life.  Conditt will be conducting research and will be capturing videography for a proposed feature length film.  Charles is excited to provide more information about this new project soon.  Stay tuned!


A happy go-lucky driver for an app-based taxi service uncovers a web of lies, deceit, sexual debauchery and political corruption in his fair city and becomes a target for those involved.

Naive optimist ALLAN PARKINSON, who drives for cheap Uber knockoff myRYDE. In the dead of night Allan picks up ARIEL SOMMER, the beautiful and mysterious (if slightly disturbed) daughter of Scottsdale mayor DON SOMMER.

Ariel leaves more than just an impression on Allan when she drops a ring on his seat. Not just any ordinary piece of jewelry, Allan and his metalhead roommate Ray discover that this ring endows whoever wears it with seemingly magical powers of persuasion — at least among a kinky subset of the Snottsdale elite.

The opportunities seem endless, until the dark forces that surround Ariel begin to close in, searching for the ring. Can Allan and Ray navigate a maze of shadowy stalkers and secret societies and save the girl?

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Fire City Pictures is very excited to share this early production package sneak peek into the LUCKY BASTARDS feature film!

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Movie Premiere of Max Reload and the Nether Blasters

November 21, 2019 - Harkins Arrowhead 18

As an executive producer and having a small role, I was so happy to see this great movie on the big screen for the first time! What an honor to be a part of this movie!!!

Max Reload and The Nether Blasters, written and directed by CineForge Media's duo Scott Conditt and Jeremy Tremp is a 1980s science-fiction throwback adventure comedy centered around video games. As an Executive Producer and Actor in the upcoming indie film, I'm excited to share you with a special sneak peek via reporter Ottavia Zappala with the Arizona Republic. Check it out! http://bit.ly/2p5j6Yf

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