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A happy go-lucky driver for an app-based taxi service uncovers a web of lies, deceit, sexual debauchery and political corruption in his fair city and becomes a target for those involved.

Naive optimist ALLAN PARKINSON, who drives for cheap Uber knockoff myRYDE. In the dead of night Allan picks up ARIEL SOMMER, the beautiful and mysterious (if slightly disturbed) daughter of Scottsdale mayor DON SOMMER.

Ariel leaves more than just an impression on Allan when she drops a ring on his seat. Not just any ordinary piece of jewelry, Allan and his metalhead roommate Ray discover that this ring endows whoever wears it with seemingly magical powers of persuasion — at least among a kinky subset of the Snottsdale elite.

The opportunities seem endless, until the dark forces that surround Ariel begin to close in, searching for the ring. Can Allan and Ray navigate a maze of shadowy stalkers and secret societies and save the girl?

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