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Five Philippine Hospitals to Receive Emergency Help & Medical Containers

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Wow. 5 hospitals, several clinics and the fire station in San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines! Robert Johnson and I want to thank our security team and military swat team that has protected us these past 5 days here in Mindinao!!!! has had me assessing all their facilities in this province so that we can send much needed medical equipment and supplies. Robert and I are requesting an emergency container of supplies here to help with rebuilding and with needs due to typhoon Odette. We witnessed a lot of suffering and damage.

Post from Cyche Johnson's January 7th Facebook page:

PROJECT CURE IS IN AGUSAN DEL SUR. C.U.R.E means ( Commission on Urgent Relief and Equipment) is a nonprofit, humanitarian relief organization that delivers donated medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics. Thank you so much Charles G. Irion and Robert Johnson for your generosity for helping deliver much needed medical equipment and supplies to 5 hospitals in Agusan Del Sur including:

D.O. Plaza Memorial Hospital Rural Health Unit of San Francisco Bunawan District Hospital

Talacogon District Hospital Esperanza Medical Community Loreto District Hospital

It is my privilege as an Agusanon to be able to select my Province 2 years ago to begin this medical equipment and supplies mission in Mindanao, Philippines and specifically for the people of Agusan. This is definitely a blessing for me to help my fellow Filipinos in Agusan Province. We hope to expand these medical equipment and supplies missions to other provinces next including Siargao City.

Thank you everyone especially Gerby for all your hard work behind this Project and coordinating with the governor and the hospitals to help make this successful. It wouldn’t have been possible without everyone support.

Ps. tomorrow is our last day of assessment Talacogon and Esperanza


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