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Murder Mystery Dinner




You and a guest are among 15 special couples invited to attend an exclusive Murder Mystery Dinner Party on March 19, 2021 at the estate of Señor Carlos Aguilar (aka Mr. Charles G. Irion) to celebrate the release of Chuck’s latest mystery, Murdered By Gods: ONE WORLD. Below you will find a few items that will help you know what to expect this evening.

Operations Packet


Congratulations, if you're reading this, then you've been fully cleared through security and you have your dossier in hand (& QR code). Please grab a drink and a couple Hors d'oeuvres and enjoy listening to CARIBBEAN PROJECT ARIZONA while you familiarize yourself with the characters you'll be playing tonight.



6:00 pm      Guest Arrival & Security Clearance

6:00 pm      Appetizers, Study Ops Packet

6:40 pm      Special Surprise Performance,

                       Pics with Lechón & possibly a Lounge Lizard

6:45 pm      Dinner Begins on the Lawn

7:00 pm      Show Starts

7:30 pm      Look for Clues

7:40 pm      Dessert is Served, Teams Vote for Killer

7:50 pm      Killer is Revealed

8:00 pm     Grab a Book and Get it Signed,

                      Pics with Author, Charles G. Irion and Actors

Covid Protocol


Seńor Aguilar and his staff are taking mindful preparation in everything, from table settings to beverages and serving, in order to create a Covid-safe and comfortable environment for everyone. Please follow these guidelines so that we may have a safe and successful event:


~ Each guest has been given an individual hand sanitizer. Please use this often to keep germ transmission at bay. 

*Restroom and sink are also located in the Guest House.*

~ All foods and beverages will be served by caterers, following food safety protocals.


~ We request that you wear a mask when not eating, drinking or presenting your part.


~ Please allow for 6' social distancing throughout event.

Cell Phone Sticker_red_Final.jpg

Enjoy a sneak peek of the book and a look back

at the Murder Mystery Dinner

for Murdered By Gods: MACHU PICCHU on the website,

Check back soon and re-live this fabulous evening of Murdered By Gods: ONE WORLD in video!

Live Action Book Trailer for

Murdered By Gods: ONE WORLD

(you may recognize a few of the actors!)

ONE WORLD  LOGO_Final_white-cutout.png

Grab Your Copy


Catch Up on the Summit Murder Mysteries!!! On sale now in Paperback, eBook and Audible.

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Bacon-Wrapped Dates ~ Bleu cheese filled dates wrapped in bacon. So good you should start by grabbing 2!

Chicken Quesadilla Cone ~ Get your South American vibe going with flavorful ground chicken, cheese, cilantro and a Southwest spice blend presented in a flour tortilla cone.

Antipasto Kabobs (V) ~ Want to keep it light? These Italian-flavored kabobs are staked with marinated artichoke, sun-dried tomato, mozzarella cheese and Kalamata olive.

Crudite with Ranch ~ Fancy term for a veggie tray! Make sure to leave some crunchy yummy Jicama for our Surprise Guest.

Filipino Bucchi ~ Sweet rice flour sesame balls with bean filling. You can't eat just one! Graciously prepared by the one and only Nora Madeja!



Stop by the bar for a unique assortment of Wine, Beer and Liquor. Water, Soda, Coffee and Green Tea are also available.


Before dinner is served, don't forget to stop by the table and take your pic with the Lechón (whole roasted pig), a Philipino delicacy and quite the sight to see and taste!

As the title of the mystery is ONE WORLD, we've tried to bring a few different cultures into the dining experience. If you've never had Indian Naan Bread before, it is a very versatile food vessle. It is perfect for topping, dipping or just enjoying on it's own. It can be torn into long pieces and used to pick up a few items at a time. If you're not that patient, you can tear it in half (or leave whole) and build it taco style. You can also top it with several items and eat it with a knife and fork, if finger foods aren't for you. Like we said, it's very versatile!

Lechón ~ Detailed above. Enjoy it paired with Nora's white rice or with any other meal options and some Naan bread.

Prime Rib ~ Beautifully marbled, hand-trimmed beef aged to perfection. Straight from the pages of ONE WORLD, feast on Prime Rib with the traditional Horseradish and Au Jus or give it a global flavor with a piece of Naan bread and a few other items.

Green Chili Pulled Chicken ~ Have it with rice, Naan Bread or add it to Tortellini Primavera or Southwest Salad for a South American treat! Goes terrific with Naan and a few sides, too!

Tortellini Primavera (V) ~ Tri-colored tortellini with a blend of assorted vegetables and topped with shredded cheese. This is a vegetarian option unless you choose to add any pork, beef or chicken.

Southwest Salad (V) ~ Enjoy black beans, roasted corn, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and onions on mixed greens with Southwest dressing. Try it with some of the Green Chili Pulled Chicken.

Side Dishes & Condiments:

(V) = Vegetarian Meal Option


We will be serving a dessert plate pre-filled with all sorts

of yumminess. You are sure to find something that will

satisfy your sweet tooth!

Tres Leches Cake ~ The dessert of choice as served in ONE WORLD when Scott and Diana are in Nicaragua. Favored throughout South America, Tres Leches Cake is as varied as the countries  and households it is served in. Ours is a vanilla cake soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream (hence the name). Filled and garnished with fresh strawberries, it is a specialty of Food City.

Dessert Assortment ~ AJ's is providing us with a plethora of desserts to plate. Fruit tarts, assorted brownies and bars will vary for each guest. It is okay if you don't eat them all gone!

Filipino Bucchi ~ If we didn't eat them all as Appetizers, they also make a tremendous dessert! Sweet rice flour sesame balls with bean filling. You can't eat just one! Graciously prepared by the one and only Nora Madeja!

Sour Cream

Shredded Cabbage

Pickled Red Onions

Shredded Cheese

Cojita Cheese

Spanish Rice

White Rice

Green Chili Beans

Salsa Variety


Tremendous thanks to

Greg Lutz ~ Murder Ink Productions

             Reynaldo Rosario ~ Pinoy Elegance

Marco Soto ~ Caribbean Project  (Latin Jazz Band) 

for all of their time and talents in creating this fabulous Nicaraguan Fiesta Murder Mystery experience based on my latest mystery,

Murdered By Gods: ONE WORLD. I hope you enjoy the evening!

Murder Ink Productions



Murder Ink Productions writes, designs, tailors, and produces corporate murder mysteries, team building events, game shows and specialty acts for client groups ranging in size from 15 - 2000. We are ideal for client appreciation, employee recognition, conventions, holiday parties, and special events.

The murder mysteries, team building activities, game shows and specialty acts can also be tailored for home parties, as well.

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We are a full service party rental company that specializes in Tables, Chairs, Linens, Centerpieces, Floral Design, Photo Booth
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Marco Soto and his Latin Jazz band, Caribbean Project, are popular throughout the Phoenix area. They play Latin Jazz, Ballads, Bossa Nova, Salsa, and Cuban Son to mention a few. You can find them in local clubs, bars, restaurants and live event venues.

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