Charles G. Irion is the founder of Irion Books and the author of Roadkill Cooking for Campers: The Best Dang Wild Game Cookbook in the World.

Anybody who likes a good meal prepared from wild game that inhabit water, land, and sky will enjoy Roadkill Cooking for Campers – The Best Dang Wild Game Cookbook in the World.  The book includes a section called “Fish And Other Water Critters” that is sure to hook the interest of any fisherman.  Compiled by Charles G. Irion, this tantalizing book contains well over 350
mouthwatering recipes that offer something for every outdoorsman, fisherman, hunter, RVer, and camper.

In addition to dozens of tasty recipes, this unique book has 65 humorous illustrations.

Roadkill Cooking for Campers – The Best Dang Wild Game Cookbook in the World is divided into ten recipe sections: Big Game Delights; Small Game Tummy Fillers; Winged Creatures; Fish And Other Water Critters; Liquid Concoctions; Vegetable Treats; Nuts, Seeds, Blossoms; Fruits And Berries; Breads, Butters Sauces, Puddings too; and Hodgepodge. Secrets of Hunters and Trappers — fun and useful!

"More than just a fun novelty item - great recipes too!"

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