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The Hell Series

Autograph Hell was conceptualized when a prized autograph of President George Washington turned out to be a fake. Author Charles G. Irion was stunned. As an illustrious, informed autograph collector, how could this happen. Follow Irion on his trail of truth as he starts at the very beginning of autograph collecting to find a world filled with falsified documents and counterfeit signatures. Most of which were "authenticated" by the autograph experts who control this multi-million dollar business. Join Irion as he explores a mind-boggling world of autographs that aren't what they seem, run by people who aren't what they claim. This book provides both an enlightening and disturbing expose' of the rampant treachery in the world of autograph collecting. Before you buy one more autograph you must read this book!

"I've been a collector for years and thought I knew it all - I was wrong.  A great read!"


Be ready the next time you buy a car. Car Dealer Hell exposes the scams, gimmicks and deceitful practices used by dealers every day. This book includes useful checklists, summaries and resources that will help you avoid car dealership traps while getting the best deal for your new or used car. The information in Car Dealer Hell is revealed to you in a way you'll be able to understand so you'll be able to protect yourself during the car buying process. This book navigates you through car dealership mine fields and helps you stay out (or get out) of their unique hell.

"Buying a car?  Get this book!"

"A great resource for those looking to buy a new or used car!"


Divorce Hell is Charles Irion’s cautionary tale about the wild ride of divorce, together with his advice on how to get off the marriage-divorce-marriage merry-go-round. It’s all here: a history of odd divorce rituals, Irion’s descriptions of his own divorces, other people’s horror stories, lurid celebrity break-ups, offbeat prenuptial agreements, all topped off by Irion’s Salvation Guide to jumpstart your efforts to avoid divorce and achieve a strong marriage.

"This book is as real as it gets about a tough subject!"

"I'd suggest this book to anyone going through a divorce or someone that wants to avoid it altogether."


The book Remodeling Hell describes Charles Irion's journey as he endeavored to build his dream house. It includes a guide packed with money-saving tips about the home remodeling process. Remodeling Hell is often hilarious, but always valuable lessons of what to do and what NOT to do when building a new or remodeling an existing house.

"Anyone thinking about doing some work to their home should definitely read this book first."

"The humor laced throughout the book was great!  A must read for those brave enough to conquer their own home repair and remodeling!"

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