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Project: RESCUE Adventure Series

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Project: RESCUE
Adventures (PRA #1)
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Book 1

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Get ready to be blown away by the electrifying Project: RESCUE Adventures—a heart-pounding series that will grip you and keep you coming back for more. Imagine the pulse-pounding intensity of Jack Ryan, fueled with the explosive action of Mission: Impossible, and you’ll only scratch the surface of what awaits.

Created by humanitarian-adventurer Scott Devlon, Project: RESCUE is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to providing support, security, and if necessary, rescue for international travelers and especially people providing humanitarian relief in the world’s most dangerous places. Working through regional field offices, Project: RESCUE utilizes local resources to ensure client safety and success during the course of day-to-day activities, whether those clients are adventure tourists or relief workers trying to build hospitals in remote areas. But when unexpected crises overwhelm the resources of the local field office, it’s time to send in the FAST Team—an elite cadre of daring experts ready for action. When crises strike and hope dwindles, they are the final lifeline. Rewriting the rules of rescue, defying the odds, and rescuing those when survival hangs by a thread.

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