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Abandoned on Everest
M Everest
★★★★★ "Brilliant"

When the only son of the world’s richest and most powerful man dies attempting to climb Mount Everest, his family is hellbent on getting answers. Outraged by the incompetence of many, Michael Sodoc wants his son’s body recovered.

Convincing the surviving members of the expedition team to return to Everest, Sodoc puts billions on the line—determined to blame someone. But what he discovers might be more than anyone imagined. Will the sinister truth at the peak begin an avalanche of betrayal and danger? 

Set against the backdrop of the world's highest and deadliest mountain, Murder on Everest is filled with intrigue, sex, betrayal and mystery.

"An intriguing beginning to what promises

to be a stellar series!

"Adventure, danger, betrayal,

sex, intrigue - this book has it all!"

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Abandoned on Everest written by tabloid reporter, Quentin Stern, is the prequel to Murder on Everest. Stern reveals the inside story of the Mt. Everest expedition including sexual misdeeds, sabotage and media manipulation, all of which leads to Derek Sodoc’s tragic death.  When Derek Sodoc, only son of the world’s richest and most powerful man dies attempting to climb Mt. Everest, questions are raised. Was it the mountain? Or perhaps something more sinister.  After reading the book Abandoned on Everest that details Derek Sodoc’s untimely death, Sodoc’s father convinces the surviving expedition members to return to Everest – presumably to recover Derek’s body. With billions at stake and a relentless father searching for someone to blame, everyone is a suspect.

"A clever story told from a character's point of view.  Very entertaining."

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Murder on Everest Trailer
Making of Murder on Everest
The Climb that Inspired Murder on Everest
Expect the Unexpected - Climbing Mt. Everest
M. Elbrus
M. Mt. McKinley
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M. Puncak Jaya
M. Aconcagua
"Scott Devlon is my favorite hero."

With Scott Devlon on another climbing expedition in South America for the US Defense Intelligence Agency, he’s determined to confirm a report that rare golden idols have been discovered and are headed to a Venezuelan enemy. According to legend, whomever possesses the idols is indestructible. It’s up to Devlon to stop the transfer of the precious cargo.


But will Devlon learn that his invincible enemies will stop at nothing to get their hands on the precious idols?

"A first class who-dun-it!"

"One of the best protagonists I've ever read.  Everyone that loves a good hero needs to meet Scott Devlon."

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M. Vinson Massif
M. Kilimanjaro
"I felt like I was there!"

Still searching for the legendary golden Inca idols, Scott Devlon is hot on the trail. A murderous enemy is out for money—and blood. And Devlon is hellbent on stopping another life from being lost.


Trekking to the top of the highest mountain on the world’s most unwelcoming continent proves more perilous than any voyage before. Murder and treachery once again abound as the high tech expedition braves the Antarctic night with temperatures falling below minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Will old friends and fresh enemies die as Scott seeks the lost idols?

"Kept me on the edge of my seat.  Another great installment to a favorite series of mine!"

"Sometimes the book was so realistic I was as freezing as the characters! Grab a blanket and tuck in!"

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"Incredible ending to a brilliant series."


When the United States president plans a climbing expedition to the top of Kilmanjaro with his long, lost son, Scott Devlon is called upon to guide the entourage. But when all hell breaks loose, it’s up to Devlon to stop a deadly assassin and save the president. With the fate of the country in his hands, will the brave adventurer protect his nation or will this expedition be his last?

"I was dreading the end of this series, I've loved every book and this one - wow - what a way to end it with a bang!"

"Leave it to Irion to write a book where POTUS' life is in danger!  Loved every minute!"

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M Everest - Excerpt

Murder on Everest  >  Book Excerpt

“What’s going on?” I asked Tom.

“That Sherpa woman is in trouble.”


“That’s the one. I saw her for a moment. Horrible. Her eyes were all bugged out. Cal tried a shot of dexamethazone, but it doesn’t seem to be working.”

Dexamethazone was the drug of last resort in such a situation. It was an anti-inflammatory steroid that in certain situations was a lifesaver. That it wasn’t working was very bad news.

I went into the clinic. Calvin was still arguing with Harlan, who was making no attempt to explain himself. Laki lay nearby and looked dreadful. To see a snapshot of someone suffering from HACE with edema, you cannot imagine what you are actually looking at. Such a photo might even look funny, with the eyes bugging out in an unnatural way. What was taking place was that her brain was swelling, and there was nowhere for it to go except through the openings that held her eyes.

Laki was panting like a dog in summer. Her face was gaunt. She looked at me for help and I had none to give. She knew she was in trouble and was very, very frightened. You didn’t have to be a doctor to know that she was at the end of her rope.

Tom joined me. He glanced at her, grimaced, then turned to me. “Calvin said she’s got to be carried down now. The shot doesn’t seem to be helping. Harlan told him that the woman is already dead and he won’t risk the Sherpa in the dark.”

Harlan was right. A few minutes later, Laki stopped breathing. Calvin worked to revive her, but it was hopeless. He finally gave up and stalked off as angry as I’ve ever seen him. The Sherpa who had been nearby, moved away, not wishing to come in contact with her ghost. Someone pulled a blanket over the woman’s face, frozen in horror.

Murder on Everest  >  more reviews

“Meeting author Charles Irion added to the experience of reading this book.  This guy knows his stuff and keeps you on the edge of your seat.  I couldn’t put this book down.  And I thought, “Into the Air” was my favorite book about climbing Mt. Everest.  This writer takes it to another level. Congratulations!”

– Author Cindy Zimmerman (RIP)

“Obsessed with all things mountain climbing as an avid climber myself, I dived into Murder on Everest the first  book in the Summit Murder Mystery series.  I couldn’t put it down once I started and quickly ordered the rest of the books in the series, plowing through them in days.  Realistic and exciting, these novels are must reads.  They kept me on the edge of my seat.  I didn’t want them to end!”

– Reader John Ting

Greatly enjoyed Murder on Everest. Read it while trekking to Everest base camp!

– Robert Marotz, Avid Mountain Climber

Murder on Everest is an exciting murder mystery, featuring not just the usual dangers of mountaineering but those brought by man as well. Power, greed and envy all abound in a delightful mix of intrigue set in a fascinating and little known locale. The first of a new series it is a great read and I highly recommend it.”

– Mike Hamilburg, Literary Agent

The characters in “Murder on Everest” really stand out. The novel is also really informative, in a way that isn’t preachy. We learn a lot about the world of climbing, the differences between those who dabble and those who make it into a way of life, the impact of this industry on the people indigenous to the mountains, and the dangers involved for everyone. I really liked the dynamic of the group. Even the slimy people inspire moments of pity, and even the best people have their bad moments.”

– Writer’s Digest

Irion and Watkins have woven quite a compelling story with diversity in their characters. A bizarre plot with on target descriptions not only of Everest, but the area and history surrounding it. Readers will feel the authenticity of the book with the portrayal of the weather and efforts of the climbers. An interesting look at people’s emotions and needs in a dire location.”

– Connie Gregory, Book Reviewer

“WOW! Murder on Everest is an intriguing murder mystery; gripping until the end. Suspense is unbound. I had no idea who murdered Derek until the end. Congratulations to the authors Irion and Watkins.  I hope this will be the first of many great reads from the Summit Murder Mystery Series.”

– Jennifer Shannon, Barnes & Noble Reviewer

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Murder on Everest kept me on the edge of my seat. I am a lover of mysteries and this one hit me from all angles. The descriptions of the experiences from the preparation, to the summit made me feel as if I were there on the expedition. I didn’t know anything about  climbing until reading this book but felt every ache, pain and the overall physical agony of the climb.  This book is as much about adventure as it is murder!”

– Roadwarrior13, Reviewer


“Ever wonder what it feels like to climb the highest in the world?  Reading Murder on Everest is about as close as you’ll get to experiencing it – and with an extra treat of a murder mystery to boot. Charles Irion is a climber and he lets you feel the experience of scaling the world’s highest mountain with all its chilling dangers, as he weaves a murder plot with multiple plot lines that keeps you turning page after page.  So put on your hiking boots, lean back in your sleeping bag and take an exciting journey up Mt. Everest.”

– Frank F. Fiore, Mainstream Novelist

“Murder on Everest is AMAZING…well written, great story, and the fact that the author climbed Everest makes it even more spectacular. Way to the and look forward to the entire series!”

– KC Summits, reviewer

I love murder mysteries in general but I never have read one about a murder on Mt. Everest. Who would have thought to murder someone on Mt. Everest. How original!—It was well written and full of great information about climbing.”

– Grant, AZ

WOW! What an intriguing murder mystery, gripping until the end. Suspense is unbound. I had no idea who murdered Derek until the end. Congratulations to the authors Irion and Watkins. I hope this will be the first of many great reads from the Summit Murder Series.”

– Jennifer, AZ

“Murder on Everest was an interesting read with an ending I was not expecting! I really enjoyed reading about the different aspects of what it takes to participate in such an incredible climb. The book was well written and definitely wasn’t your typical who dunit kind of murder mystery. You follow the story of a group of people climbing Mt.Everest to try and find, and bring back the body of one they had lost on their quest the previous year. The dynamics of the group were fun to read and at times got a little intense. I really enjoyed this book!”

– Darcie L. Sherrick, Amazon reviewer

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