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The name evokes mystery and adventure in exotic places, but Timbuktu is no fantasy.


Perched on the edge of the Sahara Desert, Timbuktu was once the seat of the wealthiest empire on earth, trading in gold, salt, ivory, and that most terrible of commodities, slaves. Today, it has become a place of unspeakable violence, caught in the grip of an endless holy war.


Scott Devlon, mountaineer and director of Project: RESCUE, has come to Timbuktu on an errand of mercy. A group of scholars working to restore the city’s cultural heritage have vanished, presumably taken hostage by extremists, and the Project: RESCUE team sent to secure their release has gone silent.


Braving the desert’s wrath, Devlon races to save his team and the hostages, but he soon discovers that there is far more to the crisis than it appears. From the dwellings of an ancient culture who mapped the stars, to a search for the gold of the richest man to ever walk the earth, to the ultimate showdown with the man who would be god—Timbuktu is where the adventure begins….


And ends.

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Book 3

Murdered By Gods: TIMBUKTU

Mike Alvaraz as Scott Devlon
Elizabeth Broeder as Julia 'Julie' Royston
Bill Wetherill as Robert 'RIP" Hardesty
Jai Raga as Gunner
Eric West as Gun Truck Driver

with Special Appearance by
Charles G. Irion as Eldon Trask



Those two words propel mountaineer and former intelligence operative Scott Devlon on a quest to unmask a plot to destroy the world order.


Disillusioned after more than a decade of international intrigue, Scott Devlon has found a new mission in life, running Project: RESCUE—an organization dedicated to protecting the volunteers working with non-governmental organizations and relief agencies operating in the most dangerous parts of the world.


Getting Project: RESCUE up and running is going to require talented people, so Devlon embarks on a world tour to recruit staff for Project: RESCUE’s global network.


Danger has always been Devlon’s traveling companion, and this journey is no exception. When a chance encounter in Mumbai sparks his interest in a mysterious charitable organization called ONE WORLD, Devlon finds himself the target of an unknown enemy. After narrowly escaping death in a roadside bomb attack, Devlon is pursued across the globe—from India to Latin America. With every new clue he uncovers, the danger escalates. To learn the terrible secret behind ONE WORLD, Devlon will journey into the deadliest places on earth.


The clock is ticking, and ONE WORLD is about to explode!


Book 2

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MBG Sneak Peek

Check out the Blog post featuring

the first night of filming for the

Murdered By Gods - One World


2020-06-20 Filming MBG-One World Book Tr

Murdered By Gods: ONE WORLD

Michael Hanelin as Scott Devlon

Lieya as Diana Maruasi

Greg Lutz as Alex Turner

with Special Appearance by Charles G. Irion 


I can’t give up—won’t give up. 


As an operative for the Defense Intelligence Agency, failure is not an option.  My team, my unit, and innocent lives are all counting on me.  Delivering safety is the only endgame.


But when this particular mission takes us into the Andes Mountains to rescue an abducted research team, it’s only the beginning of peril and mystery.  Suddenly, we’re up against guerrilla warfare in the jungles of Peru and uncovering deadly secrets in an ancient city in Machu Picchu.  As danger sets in and lives are on the line, one thing is certain:  we are steps away from uncovering the world’s most valuable secret.  


How far will my enemies go to silence us once and for all?

"I was going through Irion book withdrawals after Murder on Kilimanjaro was published - this cured my ails! 

A fantastic new book by Irion.  Please don't stop here!"

"That ending!  This book will stay with me for

a while!  Amazing."

"Irion's best work to date.  Just a great read."

Book 1

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Murdered By Gods: MACHU PICCHU

Michael Hanelin as Scott Devlon

Lieya as Diana Maruasi

Greg Lutz as Alex Turner

with Special Appearance by Charles G. Irion 

The Mystery and Legend of Machu Picchu

ONE WORLD Book Launch Party

Murdered By Gods: ONE WORLD Book Launch

March 2021 — Charles G. Irion, author of the Summit Murder Mystery Series and Murdered By Gods Series, hosted a thrilling evening of Murder, Mystery and International Intrigue.


Straight from the pages of his latest mystery thriller, author Charles G. Irion, transformed a stunning outdoor venue in Paradise Valley, Arizona into the setting of a Nicaraguan Tech Billionaire’s Estate to launch his latest mystery, Murdered By Gods: ONE WORLD. Dinner guests were greeted by the sounds of local Latin Jazz band, Caribbean Project Arizona and treated to unique Philippine and Southwestern delights. World famous journalist, Diana Maurasi, was on hand to report on the event while famous mountaineer, Scott Devlon, his assistant Bailey Koch and Alex Turner were provided security through Project: RESCUE. One uninvited guest watched events unfold from afar...Eldon Trask.


Not long after settling into the stunning dining area and feasting on Lechón, a Filipino delicacy of whole roast pig, the celebratory vibe of the evening was shattered by an explosion followed by a piercing scream. What had begun as an evening of socializing and celebration of ONE WORLD, with a surprise guest appearance from entertainer extraordinaire Jackie Fontaine, soon turned ‘deadly’!


With the expertise of Murder Ink Productions and Pinoy Elegance setting the scene, guests got to experience a glimpse of main character Scott Devlon’s danger-filled life as they searched for clues to discover and apprehend the murderous villain. Try your hand at solving the mystery in Murdered By Gods: ONE WORLD. Paperback, eBook and Audible on sale now at

Memorable Night of Murder

Memorable Night of Murder, Mystery & Friends

September 2018

A Memorable Night of Murder, Mystery and Friends! When you combine those elements, you have a recipe for great fun. To launch the release of my new novel, Murdered by Gods, I hosted an interactive dinner murder mystery based on my book! Thirty of my closest friends took part in the show with parts of their own including the CEO of Project C.U.R.E. Douglas Jackson who played the President of Peru! Greg Lutz the owner of Murder Ink Productions LLC wrote the play, hired all the fantastic professional actors and made the event fun, witty and mysterious. We even raised $1,000.00 for Project C.U.R.E. from artwork of mine that was sold to benefit the organization. Thank you so much to all those that have donated to Project C.U.R.E and who participated in making the evening so much fun! I am proud to regularly volunteer for Project C.U.R.E. by traveling to developing countries to assess their medical needs. I just returned from a very unique and successful assessment trip to Tanzania doing an assessment on a hospital in Kilimanjaro – Moshi and one in the Capital of Tanzania dar es salaam. We are truly #oneworldonepeople I’m excited to give you an inside look at the event! Check out this fun video showcasing an unforgettable evening!

For more information please visit,

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