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Life Tips: Divorce Tips

Divorce Tips

  • Lawyers prepare for the worst. Mediators bring out your best. Start with a great mediator who is also a lawyer. If you’re not at war already, heading to a sharky lawyer out of fear will certainly start one. If you have a working relationship, similar goals and no huge wedge issues up front, try an experienced mediator first. You’ll save oodles of money and are more likely to come out of it with the good parts of your relationship intact

  • Once you are represented by an attorney, opposing attorneys may not speak with you regarding the case. If they call you refer them to your attorney.

  • Make a commitment to take better care of yourself: mind, body, and soul. You are going to need everything you have to close a relationship.

  • Think before you put anything in writing: email, tweet, letter, etc.

  • What do you know about your family’s financial situation? You should begin making an “inventory” of both your assets and liabilities. Simply put, “what do you have, and who do you owe?”

  • Do a budget. A marital separation results in the creation of two households where there had previously been only one. For most families, this results in a significant financial burden. You should know how much money you need each month to keep a roof over your head, the minimum balances on your bills paid, and you and your children fed.

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