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(formerly Kingdom of Swaziland)

During a 2023 trip to Africa to assess the Hee Yoen Memorial Clinic for Project C.U.R.E., I had the blessing of meeting Daniel Kim and his family. They are Korean missionaries serving in the Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly Kingdom of Swaziland) and sponsored through the Augusta Korean Methodist Church. They also work with other churches, Manna Mission USA, African Big Tree and The Right Hands to bring lifesaving food and services to Eswatini.

The Kims educated me on the great need for Aids services and prevention in Eswatini. That was where the idea for the Charles Irion Medical Centre for HIV Care and Prevention was born. After just over a year in planning and building, it's serving patients in the local area and from afar.

In the USA, all donations are received through Manna Mission USA. If you would like to learn more about their global missions or contribute to the people of the Kingdom of Eswatini, please click the links below their logo. I am happy to guide you through the process if you need assistance or have any questions.

An article on 
by Daniel Kim

"Charles Irion Medical Center is saving the lives of children and women

who are suffering with HIV in the Kingdom of Eswatini."

Charles Irion Medical Center (CIMC) is a center for caring for HIV Positive patients and prevention of HIV for the community people.  Eswatini suffers from severe poverty and high unemployment. Eswatini also has the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate.

Chuck came to Eswatini as Project Cure Assessor for our Hee Yoen Memorial Clinic Project 2023. He also visited Orphans and Children Care points where we are supporting. He met many children suffering with HIV as their Mom was HIV positive and some children lost parents because they didn't have proper care for HIV. Most women in Eswatini get Cervical Cancer and die as they didn't have early detection of Cervical Cancer. So Charles decided to build the CIMC specially for the women and children who are suffering with HIV. 

As the community is poor and unemployed people, we hired community people to build CIMC. Here are a few pics of making bricks with community people. One boy is deaf and living with granny as mom died of HIV.

The Charles Irion Medical Centre now includes the following areas:

          3 Consultation Rooms 

               * 1 Gynaecology Consultation Room  - Detection of Cervical Cancer and Treatment

               * 1 Pediatric Consultation Room - for Children 

               * 1 General Consultation - Psychological Consultation for HIV-positive patients

          1 Laboratory - Blood Test 

          1  Office 

          1 Store Room 

          1 Sterilize Room 

          2 Restrooms

Since Jan 2024, Physicians, Pediatrician & Gynaecologist have been serving the patients and dispensing much needed medicine. Specially donated medical equipment from Project C.U.R.E. is really helping the doctors to treat the patients. Gynaeologist is able to do LEEP Procedure for the women who are HIV positive and saving their lives from Cervical Cancer.

The Charles Irion Medical Centre serves adults and children in the nearby community and also those coming from far away. Orphanages are sending their kids from far away as well. We have a big challenge with the transport for children who come from the orphanages.

Despite the challenges, we are thankful for Charles Irion and Project C.U.R.E. in helping us bring medical care to this area of Eswatini.

CIMC Construction (2).jpg
CIMC Construction (4).jpg
CIMC Construction (1).jpg
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