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Life Tips: Mountain Climbing

Always prepare a first-aid box for yourself and your team.Always carry enough match boxes in water resistant bags (zip lock).

Your footwear should be appropriate for the mountain’s terrain. Many big mountains have several terrains, temperatures, and weather conditions, depending on the area’s altitude. You should make sure that you have it all covered and that your gear and clothing can accommodate any changes in your environment.

Mountain climbing requires preparation. Train for it, stay informed and keep updating yourself on techniques and trends.

Hydrate yourself often and eat foods that’ll help you maintain a good energy level.

In case of cold weather, KEEP MOVING!, keep your body in motion and do not stop.

Keep improving your skills and trying harder mountain climbs.

Be physically and mentally prepared!

Have a sense of humor.

Know your strengths – and weaknesses.

Basic Techniques for Mountain Climbing


High Altitude Illness and Mountain Sickness – Prevention and Care


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