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Life Tips: Buying a Car

Car buying Tips

  • Before Visiting the Dealership – Take the time to get on the Internet. The name of this game is research!

  • Know what you want before you even get close to the dealership.

  • Dealers love to combine the purchase price, finance charges, and value of your trade-in into one negotiation. This way they can play with numbers and try to confuse you into thinking they’re giving up more than they are. You can keep them from doing this by insisting they negotiate each individually.

  • You can take away one of the dealer’s biggest bargaining chips if you secure financing ahead of time.

  • Don’t forget to check out crash tests and accident data.

  • Keep more than one car in mind. Don’t have your heart set on only one. The dealer may not be able to meet your financial needs, or it may be as simple as them not having the color you want. Have more than one option.

  • Get a dealer quote in writing.

  • Shop at more than one dealership.

  • Check the dealership out on the Better Business Bureau!

  • Test drive before you buy.

  • Make sure you READ and UNDERSTAND the contract before you buy.

  • Look over the car before you drive it off the lot.

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