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  • Charles G. Irion

Belize Medical Assessment & Gift of Glasses

These last 2 days I have been amazing working with RRR Air Evac Emergency Response Mike Ruiz and Cheyenne Lord and to bring much needed medical supplies and equipment to several island poly clinics and health centers. Working closely Vanessa Parham of NEMO. Andre Carrillo of BERT and Clinic Director Eric Naijaro I assessed the needs of each site on each island. A great system of small planes and water taxis got us to each site! I got to work tonight with the emergency medical team at a local pageant festival and tomorrow night we will be also working at a large concert for Becky G.

Today we also delivered approx 400 pairs of donated readers to the island needy provided by the Arizona Vision and Hearing F

oundation thanks Jeannette Russell and the Phoenix Phil-Am Lions

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