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Book Launch Turns Tragic

March 2021 -- Charles G. Irion, author of the Summit Murder Mystery Series and Murdered By Gods Series, hosted a thrilling evening of Murder, Mystery and International Intrigue.

Straight from the pages of his latest mystery thriller, author Charles G. Irion transformed a stunning outdoor venue in Paradise Valley, Arizona into the setting of a Nicaraguan Tech Billionaire's Estate to launch his latest mystery, Murdered By Gods: ONE WORLD. Dinner guests were greeted by the sounds of local Latin Jazz band, Caribbean Project Arizona and treated to unique Philippine and Southwestern delights. World famous journalist, Diana Maurasi, was on hand to report on the event while famous mountaineer, Scott Devlon, his assistant Bailey Koch and Alex Turner provided security through Project: RESCUE. One uninvited guest watched events unfold from afar...Eldon Trask.

Not long after settling into the stunning dining area and feasting on Lechón, a Filipino delicacy of whole roast pig, the celebratory vibe of the evening was shattered by an explosion followed by a piercing scream. What had begun as an eveing of socializing and celebration of ONE WORLD, with a surprise guest appearance from enterainer extraordinaire Jackie Fontaine, soon turned 'deadly'!

With the expertise of Murder Ink Productions and Pinoy Elegance setting the scene, guests got to experience a glimpse of main character Scott Devlon's danger-filled life as they searched for clues to discover and apprehend the murderous villain. Try your hand at soving the mystery in Murdered By Gods: ONE WORLD. Paperback, eBook and Audible on sale now at --

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Thank you to the following people for their time and talents in creating a thrilling eveining of murder, mystery and international intrigue while transforming my estate in Arizona into a stunning Nicaraguan compound filled with murderous clues and fun!

Murder Ink Productions: Michael Hanelin as Scott Devlon; Lieya as Diana Maruasi; Sharon Bohm as Bailey Koch; and Greg Lutz as Alex Turner

Video & Filmography: Daniel Shurtliff, IDAZ Productions, LLC

Creating the Ambiance & Decorations: Reynaldo Rosario, Pinoy Elegance



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