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Mexican Health Minister & More at Project C.U.R.E. ~ Tempe

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

A long day at Interviews with Spanish station Telemundo while we gave a tour of the warehouse to the Mexican health Minister And other officials. Just before that meeting and interview, we were interviewed by a reporter from channel 3 about a shipment that was being loaded yesterday to go to Ukraine. Then Putin started a war there.

Ruth Sanchez, "What an honor bestowed upon Project C.U.R.E. our Arizona Chapter hosting a dignitary meeting and tour to the Mexico Minister of Health, Dr. Jose Adrian Medina Amarillas, de Baja California. Joining us Dr. Ceclia Rosales, Associate Dean for Community Engagement & Outreach and Associate Dean for Phoenix Campus, Dr. Gudelia Rangel Gomez, Secretaria Ejecutiva de la Sección Mexicana de la Comission de Salud Fronteriza, Dr. Clemente Humberto Zúñiga Gil, Director del Hospital General de Tijuana, Jeffery J. Hanna, MPH, MSC The University of Arizona College of Public Health. Telemundo NBC news outlet arrived to learn and interview on the Ukraine container. Telemundo also held a separate interview with the Minister of Health to be showcased for a future segment promoting our partnership. Beth Conley and Chuck Irion joined!" 2/26/2022 Facebook Post


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