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Layin' Down the Track

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

My latest masterpiece is coming to life!! I recorded this synopsis Saturday as the intro to the audio book. I will be updating all when Murdered by Gods One World is published and available.


Those two words propel mountaineer and former intelligence operative Scott Devlon on a quest to unmask a plot to destroy the world order.

Disillusioned after more than a decade of international intrigue, Scott Devlon has found a new mission in life, running Project: RESCUE—an organization dedicated to protecting the volunteers working with non-governmental organizations and relief agencies operating in the most dangerous parts of the world.

Getting Project: RESCUE up and running is going to require talented people, so Devlon embarks on a world tour to recruit staff for Project: RESCUE’s global network.

Danger has always been Devlon’s traveling companion, and this journey is no exception. When a chance encounter in Mumbai sparks his interest in a mysterious charitable organization called ONE WORLD, Devlon finds himself the target of an unknown enemy. After narrowly escaping death in a roadside bomb attack, Devlon is pursued across the globe—from India to Latin America. With every new clue he uncovers, the danger escalates. To learn the terrible secret behind ONE WORLD, Devlon will journey into the deadliest places on earth.

The clock is ticking, and ONE WORLD is about to explode!


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