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Video Premiere for FOUR is Out Now!

FOUR International Mystery Thriller Book Premiere Unveiled

The trailer for FOUR is out now! Check out the theatrical trailer now--I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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FOUR means death for us all. Forces are in motion around the globe. FOUR people have FOUR days to prevent World War FOUR...and save the world from destruction.

In 2025, a simmering conflict in the South China Sea erupts into total war between the People’s Republic of China and the United States… A war that raged not only on land, at sea, and in the air, but also in space and cyberspace. A war that narrowly avoided oblivion.

It's been twenty years after the war which took the planet to the brink of annihilation, the map of the world has been redrawn. China has emerged as the dominant economic power, exerting its influence on every continent. The United States has retreated into isolationism, protected only by its strategic nuclear arsenal.

Now, the fragile peace is once more threatened.

Pursued by ruthless assassins, CIA case officer, Marc Devlon must protect a Chinese agent carrying a dangerous secret – one capable of igniting a new war between the US and China. Outgoing president, Clark Jameson faces a global crisis that will take his country to the brink of war. He finds an unforeseen ally in Melanie Hart when she introduces a revolutionary new technology, thrusting her to the forefront as an unlikely leader of a new revolution. In the high-stakes world of aerial warfare, Colonel Allen, commander of a US Navy carrier strike force flight group, leads his pilots against a deadly new technology.

In FOUR days, the fate of the world will be decided.


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